Would Jesus wear a mask?

A few days ago Tim Farron wrote an article arguing that the Christ-like thing to do is to continue wearing a mask after July 19th. Here I explain why I disagree.

Tim Farron’s article is here.

5 thoughts on “Would Jesus wear a mask?

  1. My thoughts on whether Jesus would wear a mask are:

    He wouldn’t need to, because He’s God, but He did submit to things He didn’t need to (eg baptism), but I still think He wouldn’t.

    So the question is, would He expect us to “to protect each other”, and I still think, no. There were germs around in those days, people still died, and if they could make robes without today’s technology, they could easily have made masks. They didn’t, and neither did Jesus suggest it!

    I think about who were the villains and who was the hero in the Good Samaritan parable. Nowadays, the Priest and Levite would be praised for social distancing, and the Samaritan would be condemned for recklessly putting his family at risk by assisting a stranger who might have been carrying a virus!

    My reflections anyway!

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