Our struggle is not against flesh and blood – Podcast 88


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    Mr John Corcoran

    Dr Michael Heiser has written a book called, “The Unseen Realm” which sheds more light on the supernatural nature of our battle.

    1. Thank you John, I do think there’s a lot which we overlook about the supernatural. There was another book recently which I’d like to read about the ‘old gods’ returning in the modern world. I can’t quite remember the name off the top of my head though.

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        Mr John Corcoran

        Hello Phill,
        Thanks for your reply. Maybe the book you are thinking of is, “The Return of The Gods” by Rabbi Johnathan Cahn?
        I have not read it as I am familiar with this outlook, but I believe there is a video on you tube by him.
        I follow Derek and Sharon Gilbert on Gilbert House Fellowship, also on Skywatch TV. I think most evangelicals would find this subject difficult to handle and possibly extraneous to the faith. For me everything changed when I looked at the book, “Earths Earliest Ages” by a godly Brethren man G.H.Pember.

        1. Thank you John, I think that is the book. Over the last couple of years I’ve become a lot more open to things that evangelicals would traditionally not, simply because I’ve realised it’s necessary! We need to reckon with so much more. The Bible is always my authority, but I think there’s a lot more to it than a lot of Christians would reckon with today. In particular I think many Christians simply don’t have their eyes open to the spiritual dimension of what is happening in the world.

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    Mr John Corcoran

    Hello again Phill. I completely agree. I edited my last posted comment as I thought it might cause your website to be considered unsafe. Derek and Sharon are American but are total anglophiles. Derek’s daily news video “five in ten” (on Skywatch TV) is a valued source of material. He often comments on UK matters which do not feature on MSM here.

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