Comments closed

I’ve made the decision to close comments on this blog. This decision has been coming for a long time now, but my previous post finally decided me. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The reason is mainly because I am no longer convinced that comments on blogs Continue Reading

Site Update: Comments

Apologies for site-related updates! I have decided to close comments automatically on posts which are older than 30 days old. In general this is because the only comments I get on old blog posts are spam, and this is an attempt to try and curtail that. Akismet is pretty good Continue Reading

Website admin complete

Just wanted to say that all the website admin stuff I mentioned in my previous post is now complete. In case you’re curious about what I’ve done, here’s a quick post with an explanation. Maybe it will help someone who was in a similar situation to me (i.e., paying for hosting Continue Reading