I’m getting slack!

I’m starting to get slack at updating these things! It must be because I actually have some work to do! :-O

Anyway. What have I been up to today? In to uni for an embedded processors lecture at 11:00. Programming the Lego Mindstorms kits in Java… the mind boggles. Ironically Java is almost one of the worst languages to use on the platform it was designed for – embedded processors. The reason? You don’t have enough memory control. With a language like C you can control everything pretty tightly; Java just uses oodles of memory (although having said that, it’s a great idea, I think Microsoft have adopted it with Visual Studio.NET where everything gets compiled to a common language runtime and then run on a Virtual Machine. But anyway…)

Then down to the lab, where I (tried to) program a PIC microcontroller in assembly language, with not much success. The second assignment looks pretty hard… I guess it’s one of those things which you just have to spend lots of time on until something comes together. I spent the whole two hours trying to get the LCD screen to display “Please Enter Code” — and didn’t even succeed. Grrr. After that, an hour’s java lab… that was fun. Oh yes.

Then I went into town… did some record shopping. Here’s the usual list of what I bought:

  • Push – Universal Nation 2003 [UK Bonzai]
    Doesn’t sound that much different to Universal Nation 2002 (flipside of Tranceformation). And I think the Ferry Corsten remix is exactly the same as the original release. Still, as I don’t have a copy of the original one this was a good buy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Subsola – So Pure [Polarstate]
    Nice tune. Not one of those ones which you listen to and then think “absolutely blinding” but it’s a good track nonetheless, a cut above some of the stuff that’s kicking around at the moment.

  • Solar Stone – Solarcoaster [Lost Language]
    Yet another good tune to come out on Lost Language! I heard this tune in on of Tiesto’s sets a while back… it’s really nice, I’m glad I picked this one up. I got the Midway / Original mix disc… there’s another disc with a Steve Murano remix on it but I wasn’t too impressed — it was a bit different to his usual style.

  • David Forbes – Questions [Serious]
    Another one I heard in a Tiesto set. You have to pitch it up a bit, but one nice tune ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway. I’m going to try and get on with some work in between chatting to Foz on MSN and perhaps reading “The Cross of Christ” by John Stott, a book which was recommended to me at the UCCF Training Weekend (see my last post).

This has been quite a long blog! Oh well, I guess these things happen…

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