Well, I’m not a student anymore…

This is a strange feeling. Although I haven’t graduated yet, I’m not a student anymore. What brought this home to me? The fact that almost everyone has left now. Suzi and Ash left a while ago, Alex left today. Phil P is away somewhere, as well as Sarah. This means that I’m alone in the house… it’s not so much the being alone that gets me, it’s the whole “not coming back” thing. Alex will be coming back after the summer, but I’m not going to be… I can’t get used to that at the moment. Me not coming back, that is – I’m fine with Alex coming back 😉

Also, Philippa went home today as well. I met up with her and her parents and we went to the Tudor tea rooms in Wivenhoe to have lunch. That was very nice, it was a good time! But after that, she went home. Again, it’s a strange sensation — I don’t know when I’m going to be seeing her again! Well, at least, I have a rough idea but it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.

I think the worst thing is, I just can’t get used to the idea that I’m going home only for the summer… I keep thinking that I’ll do things “over the summer”, but then I realise that I’ll hopefully have a job then which will go on after the summer. After the start of the academic year, and so on. That is again something strange.

Ah well. At least I do have one thing that remains constant: God. I can at least rely upon Him to be there, even if everybody is at home over the summer! And it’s not all bad. Whilst I do feel that one chapter of my life has ended, another is starting (just perhaps not quite started yet!).

Anyway, I think I’d better wrap up now before I bore you completely to death. Later…


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