And again!

Man, this has just been a hectic week. I don’t think I’ve spent very much time at home at all, at least not during the day. In fact, not even during the evenings! I could do a detailed update of what I’ve been up to the past few days but not much to say really.

Except that, official news: I am “seeing”, or “going out with” (or whatever term you want to use, none of them are idea really) Philippa. Just in case you hadn’t heard through other channels or anything… so yes. That’s good 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to church in the morning. It’s Sarah’s birthday, so she’s having an open-house kind of thing tomorrow afternoon, and then I expect in the evening we’ll order a pizza and watch a film (as per usual). Also this week, I’m doing the talk at CU. I rehearsed this afternoon — it didn’t go particularly well. Still, I did feel led into doing this particular talk, and I can’t see God leading me into doing something and then deserting me on the thing itself, so I’m sure it’ll go OK — but I will be going through it again a few times over the next couple of days! I’ve also been roped into doing the theology seminar this Thursday. Add in to the equation a couple of assignments, plus my final year project, and the usual mix of lectures and I’m going to be a fairly busy bunny!

Ah well, I guess it just comes with the territory (i.e., being a third year university student.)

All for now.


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