Crossring Meeting

I’ve just had a Crossring team meeting which was fun. I took the minutes on Simon’s laptop. And played Solitaire for a while… ๐Ÿ˜‰

And that’s about all I have to say, woo-hoo! The trip back to Colchester from Ipswich went OK. My records arrived at home this morning, yay! I’ve got some really good stuff. I like the Push mix of Rank 1 – Airwave, and The Gift – Love Angel (which was produced by Push as well) is really good.

Not much else to say now. I’m going to go home in a minute and probably watch a film or something, and then I’m going to go and see Rich.

And that’s it. Thanks to Andy for turning the monitor off and then turning it round on the stand, and to Andy for pressing the right mouse button occasionally when I’ve been making this post. And to Simon for being pedantic and correcting me as I type. Andy wants to know what he is if Simon is pedantic — he asked me if I know how to spell ‘stunning’. Yep, I do. But I also know how to spell ‘darned annoying’ too… and of course ‘having a high opinion of oneself’…


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