The days just fly by…

When you’re not doing much, it’s surprising how quickly the days go by. I’ve now got less than a university term left of my holidays (about nine weeks until the week I move back in). Four weeks until Soul Survivor.

I just hope I have a job by then to finance it! Anyway. I signed up for Office Angels, haven’t heard anything yet though. I watched a couple of films, played a bit of tennis earlier (my racket is mostly in good condition apart from the handle! yay!) and played Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. Worked a bit more on the book (now 6,500 words done). Oh, and Simon — I cancelled my direct debit to the National Trust. They ain’t gonna get two years outta me 😉 — what was the average? Four years or something?

As you can see, it’s been a fantastically exciting day in the life of me. I’ve nearly finished “How to Give Away Your Faith”… the next book I want to read is called “Victory Over the Darkness”, I’m just about to have a look for it on Amazon now.

Righty-ho, see you all later!


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