I didn’t really get up to all that much! In the morning I went to Church. It was quite good this morning, actually, I enjoyed it 🙂

Then this afternoon I watched “Rat Race” (again). I wrote a bit more of the story. I played a few games… the usual stuff.

Tomorrow, Hybrid’s album “Morning Sci-Fi” is allegedly released! I’m hoping it will come out in the shops, but it might not. If it doesn’t then I’ll just have to order it online. Hrrrrmph. Or something. Also, “Family Guy Season 3” is being released on DVD. I really like Family Guy so I think I might order it from play.com — only £17.99 including delivery! Not bad for a double DVD considering they’re usually about £25. Perhaps the first two seasons will go down in price a bit as well; Joe‘s got them both on DVD but I’d like to own them as well. I really like that style of comedy!

I’m not too worried about bank balance going down at the moment, God’s reassured me that he’s got it in hand so I’m just going to trust him (and spend as much as I can 😉 no, not really… about the spending bit, that is…)


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