And not much happens…

In brief (to contrast with my previous post here…): Wednesday was my day off, so I didn’t really do much all day. Stayed around, watched a few films and stuff… yesterday I went onto campus in the afternoon to meet up with some people in Top Bar. That was a good afternoon, just spending some time with friends! Then, it was a committee meeting, then back home, then watched “Blues Brothers 2000” with Phil P and Ash.

Just so you know! Today I went into my class at 12:00, had lunch with Phil P and Kev B, then came home and watched some of Star Wars Episode 1 (and did the hoovering). This evening we’re going out to cheesy tunes, and I’m going down to Fuse afterwards with Ash and Philippa (and possibly some more people, if we can get them to come along.)

All for now…


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