What’s Happenin’?

Not much really. Yesterday, Cheesy Tunes was Ok. The music wasn’t that cheesy, but being with friends always makes it better! So I had a good time. Then I went to “Fuse” (NOT Spin) afterwards… when I got down there they were playing some house music, but then at 12:00 another DJ came on and played virtually a solid hour of RnB. It was crazy, I tell you!

Anyway. I didn’t get a particularly good night’s sleep, because next door were having a party. It wasn’t bad, apart from when they came outside at about 5:00… I don’t know why, presumably to say goodbye to people (because after that things went pretty quiet). So I was woken up a few times during the night — it wasn’t good! Although for some strange reason I haven’t been all that tired today. In fact, probably more awake than I usually am. Strange!

This afternoon, I went onto campus for the radio. It went well… this time, I was able to do a proper set because both decks had headshells and needles etc! Woo-hoo! So that was cool… and the CU mix went pretty well too. Gemma came up for the last half an hour (I sent her a text after seeing her walk across Square 3. Actually, Studio A is quite a good place to spy on people, most people go through Square 3 on their way to just about anywhere in the university).

Then Gemma, Phil Price and I went to Minging to get something to eat, and headed home (following Alex and Lindsey). Alex cooked food for Lindsey (and a few other people who happened to be there at the time). I didn’t have any, but apparently it was good…

And we basically watched The Office Series 2 on DVD (which conveniently arrived this morning, both me and Phil P ordered a copy) for the whole evening. Very, very funny stuff! Painfully so at times. Then Lindsey and Gemma went back to campus.

And now I’m going to bed. Goodnight!


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