Well. That was a good day. I will try and be brief, because I’m fairly tired, but… this morning I went in to the free lunch. It was pretty cool, quite a few people came along. Mostly postgrads again! But still it was good. Then after that I came back home. Didn’t do much this afternoon… played the odd game of Populous with Ash and Alex.

Then onto campus for cheesy tunes in the new-look Level 2! It does look very nice. Unfortunately, it was packed out. I don’t think you can expect anything else really in Fresher’s week, but it was very busy. There was hardly any space on the dancefloor — not enough room to swing an armadillo, let alone a cat. They did play some very cheesy music though, which was good! I left at around 11:30, walked home with Paul and went round to his place for a bit.

Anyway, I’d better go now as I have to be up for Fresher’s fair tomorrow. Not particularly early, but up nonetheless!

Au revoir…


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