The Weekend

Yesterday, I went in for Fresher’s fair. It was pretty good… 54 people (or thereabouts) signed up for CU. That was pretty cool. I did a half an hour set for the radio station, went well apart from the fact that the needle skipped very easily if you trod too hard! And, of course, there was more than one person on the stage at some points and they didn’t quite realise this fact at first. Oh well. I also met a guy who I’ve chatted to a bit on MSN (Milo), also into prog house kind of stuff and a DJ. And saw Mark Eteson again (another DJ I met from the radio station).

In the afternoon I manned the CU stall for an hour or so, signed a few people up. And hung about on campus until the evening for the Quiz. That was good! Actually a very well run quiz, all credit to Phil P and Esther who wrote the questions and were the quizmasters. Apart, of course, from three out of the ten questions of the sports round having to do with Rugby!

Then this morning I went to Fordham as usual. Stayed on for a harvest lunch afterwards. That was cool, I really enjoyed it! The lunch was lovely and I got to know a few more faces a little bit better as well. Then I came home, where I’ve been since…


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