Well, well well. President Bush is coming to town…

… and he’s bringing with him some of his friends.

Apparently, he has asked that Central London be shut down for three days for the duration of his visit. This is so that anti-war protesters won’t disrupt things. Uh… to quote Wayne’s World: “Ex-squeeze Me? Baking powder?” Whatever happened to the right to protest? Ah well, that’s one way of making the point that your country is the most powerful in the world in a relatively uncomplicatory mannerisation.

Simon said that perhaps he’d get the day off work. I think he should, and go down there wearing his “Cuba” hoodie and shout abuse. Having said that, he’d probably be taken out by one of Bush’s hitme… I mean, bodyguards. Ah well.

In this immortal words of Blackadder: “And I hope your mother dies in a freak yachting accident”…


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