Christmas Eve

I really can’t believe it’s Christmas eve. It really doesn’t feel all that festive. Could be because of the busyness of the past few days! And, of course, it’s been a while since I’ve got particularly excited about Christmas. Plus the frenzied consumerism really puts me off.

Anyway. I haven’t been up to much today… Phil gave me a piece of music that she wrote a while ago, and I’ve spent a while just arranging that a bit, messing around a little bit. Played a game with my parents and Maureen (long-standing family friend. Very long standing, in fact — since my Mum was small…)

Um, went for a bit of a walk… pretty pathetic really! Oh well. I probably won’t post anything up tomorrow, so this is me signing off for the time being. Only one thing left to say:

Happy Christmas Everybody!

Hope you all have great Christmasses! And remember — it’s cheesy, but — Jesus is the real reason for the season 🙂


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