Well, on Saturday after the Dunamis practise I came back home with Alex, Mariah and Toya (one of Mariah’s friends, and a CU goer I think. Apologies for spelling…) and we watched Cube and Cube2. The original Cube is fantastic — a very intelligent piece of science fiction. The second one… well, let’s just say it could be better. A lot better.

Anyway. This morning, I went to Fordham as usual. Then back home for lunch, hung around all afternoon, then went onto campus to have something to eat and then watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”. That was actually a pretty good film. Not one that I’ll be buying on DVD, but I wouldn’t mind watching it again sometime.

Then we went to SX Express (a group of people, including me, Phil, Alex, Julie and Julie’s Alex) and chatted for an hour or two. That was good fun! Then I headed back home, and watched some of “Spaced” with Phil, Alex and Sarah before writing this.

Time for bed, I do believe. Night!


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