Ok, an update.

I am feeling much better today, you’ll be glad to know! (Well, I hope that you will be). Was feeling better yesterday as well, but didn’t really get a chance to update my blog. Anyway, what’s happened since my last update?

Ok. Yesterday I went onto campus for my 9:00 project meeting. Then I had a bar breakfast with Alex and Philippa, then I went to a computer lab to do some work on my project. With the exception of a lecture and a class, I stayed there until about 6, and then went to Sizzlers for tea. Actually I didn’t have anything to eat, I just had a drink. Then CU. Afterwards, Philippa wasn’t feeling particularly great so I went home with her, and got a taxi back home, and then just did stuff with flatmates. Chatted and played the PlayStation. And what-not.

Today, I went round to Philippa’s flat, because Philippa and Rich were cooking dinner! And it was really good! Chicken type thing with mushrooms and sauce and rabbit food (salad). I enjoyed it, at least! Unfortunately the Apple Strudel was a little burnt, but nevertheless good.

And I think that’s just about it for now. This evening, because no-one can make it to Fusion except me, Paul and Phil we’ve decided to have an impromptu social and go out to the cinema to watch ‘Age of Rock’. It’s meant to be good, I’m quite looking forward to it!

Ok, I think that’s it for now. I’lls talks tos yous laters.


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