I’m rather bored at the moment…

I’m currently sitting in csclab5, feeling rather bored. So I thought I’d update here… anyway. Monday night was pretty good actually! I enjoyed it, especially Greg’s set towards the end of my time there at least. Tuesday… went onto campus for my meeting at 9:00 in the morning, then had a bar breakfast with Philippa and Alex, then basically spent until 5:30 in the lab or in lectures / classes. That was actually quite a productive day! Then I went to Sizzlers for dinner, then CU, and then the bar before heading home. Bob Fuller was really good at CU… one thing he said that particularly stuck in my mind was the cycle of “Acceptance – Sustenance – Significance – Achievement.” Most people live their lives with that circle the wrong way round, at least partially. They think, if I achieve, then I will have significance, which will sustain me, which will lead me to be accepted. God says, “I accept you for who you are, no matter what”, which will sustain us, which will give us significance, which will enable us to achieve. It’s certainly something to bear in mind!

Yesterday was good too. I went onto campus for my 12:00 Final Year Project lecture, and then spent a couple of hours in the lab before heading down to the chaplaincy for CU committee meeting. It only lasted for an hour, which I was highly impressed about! Considering that last week’s lasted for the whole two hours… Anyway. Then I hung around for a bit, met up with Philippa and went to SX Express, then we headed to Paul’s house for Fusion. I think the meeting went really well. We were looking at the second half of James 1, and speaking for myself I know that it really challenged me. The difference between hearing and doing the word… it’s all very well to go to CU, to go to Fusion etc, but if our lives don’t change one bit then it’s all in vain.

After Fusion, Philippa came round and we spent the rest of the evening together. Today, I came onto campus for my 12:00 Formal Methods lecture, then I briefly went down to the chaplaincy before going to a computer lab to work on my project. I’m quite pleased with the way that my project is coming along, although having said that time is rapidly marching along! I’ve just had a couple of hours of lectures, and in a few minutes I’m going to meet up with Philippa and Alex and Welsh Phil in Mondo or something. Then theology seminar, and then home — have some dinner, and perhaps work on a piece of music that I’m composing. It’s all good 🙂

That’s it for now, I will update next time I feel like it…


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