Hello there!

Well, I’ve finally got the new phillsacre.co.uk set up (as in, the campus crew section…). It took them a while to get the control panel sorted out, but now everything seems to be working except SSH!

I’m quite happy about that ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway. What have I been up to, the past few days? Well. On Friday night, we had a ‘murder mystery’ evening. I’d never done one before, but the premise is quite simple… you invite people along to play a ‘character’ (in our case, it was me, Alex, Phil P, Esther, Anne-Marie and Philippa). You have dinner, and converse in your character. There are several stages (you learn more about your character as you go on) and more things are revealed as you go on. It’s quite fun actually, I’d like to do one again!

Anyway. Saturday I didn’t really do much… we hired out a couple of videos but they weren’t that good so me and Alex ended up playing ‘Red Alert 2’! (a great game, I ordered a copy last week and it arrived on Saturday).

Sunday, I went out to Church in the morning … in the afternoon I went out for a walk and stuff … in the evening I went to St. John’s and did some DJing at an event they were having there. It went quite well!

Yesterday, I did some revision, and then Philippa came round in the evening and we (as in me, Philippa, Alex and Phil P) went to the Fish and Chip shop and then to the Rose and Crown, before heading back to watch some TV.

And that brings us to today… I haven’t really done a lot! I’ve just had a revision lecture. I’ve been working on a Java chat client / server type system (it’s coming along quite well!), and … yeah. I’ve been working on the new campus crew gallery type thing.

I think that just about brings us up to speed… all for now!


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