Cambridge, and stuff

We went to Cambridge on Wednesday. It was pretty good! Philippa and I got there about lunchtime, and went to a Wetherspoons pub to have some lunch with Rich and a friend of his, and Kim (one of Philippa’s friends from her Cambridge days).

Then we went to Cafe Nero and met up with Fran and Diana (more of Philippa’s Cambridge friends) for an hour or so, and then we went to Newnham (which was Philippa’s college) until we had to leave.

It was a good day, albeit very hot and with a very high pollen count! Yesterday we spent some of the day cleaning the house, and then in the evening me, Phil P, Alex and Kevvy B went to the Playhouse to watch the football (yay England!) and have a curry and a pint. Alex decided to go for a chicken phaal, which is apparently the “hottest of the hot.” It was very hot, I had some of the sauce and had to take a long drink afterwards!

Anyway. I think that’s just about it for now… I have some photos to put up here; I’m going to scan them in now so hopefully they should be up later today.

All for now!


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