The internet is getting polluted

I’ve just read an interesting article on The Register.

The Internet is getting clogged up with viruses, spam, and other unwanted junk. When is it going to end? This situation has to come to a head at some point. The internet bubble of a few years ago has definitely burst, it has been flooded with information — most of which is mere noise. Take this blog for example. It’s not particularly useful! The only people who I ever expect to read it are people who know me. And yet, consistently I receive hits from people who have been searching for something on a search engine such as Google. Ok, so that’s not a huge amount, but I guess by writing this stuff I’m contributing to the entropy of the internet.

In summary, the internet is a victim of its own success. Everybody who has access to an internet terminal now has a voice, unfortunately this means that finding information you are looking for is becoming harder and of course there is an abundance of unwanted information such as viruses.

How long until the internet dies an untimely death? Well, I don’t think it will ever die an untimely death, it’s far too useful! But things will have to change. And quickly. Bring on the revolution!


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