Intelligent Design Theory

I’m not sure what I make about this article. The reason being, I am uncertain about the whole “intelligent design” thing. I think if it is to be taught (and that would be no bad thing, by the way) it should be taught in Religion Education rather than science.

It is the goal of science to explain how this universe came into being, not necessarily why. Religion explains why, and I believe Christianity provides the ‘right’ answer. However, I do have some beef with the advocates of ‘Intelligent Design’ – the philosophy of these people seems to be the following: “We’ve decided that God created the earth in six literal days, and so we’re going to do research which agrees with our own pre-determined conclusion.” As opposed to the usual scientific method, where at least they call the pre-determined conclusion a hypothesis 😉

Kids should definitely be taught about God, and should learn that a lot of people believe God created everything. But I don’t know whether this is necessarily a task for the science classroom.


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