SQL is a VERY handy thing to know!

*phew*… that was quite a mammoth SQL session! To give you a bit of background info: Blogger didn’t used to let you put titles into your post, unless you paid for the privelige. After I’d been using Blogger for a few months they gave the feature away free, but I never used it because I already had a system (i.e., all titles were in bold on the first line of my post) – I used that system in every single post.

Unfortunately, that meant when it came to import stuff into WordPress, it didn’t recognise the first line being the title of the post (which is fair enough…). Thinking about it, I should have just hacked it there and then. But I didn’t. Stupid of me really, but nevermind!

Fortunately, I know a bit more of SQL than your average “SELECT FROM” statements. I was able to extract the title of the posts from the post content, set that to be the post title, and then remove it from the original post content. After doing that, I was able to set the post “name” (the ‘name’ is what you’d get if you were looking at the permalink, i.e. for this post it will be something like /2005/10/29/sql-is-a-very-handy-thing-to-know) and I think it’s pretty much working. I can’t believe why I didn’t do that before… I was going through it manually to do it, and it was taking AGES! Ah well.

If anyone else wants any help doing it, I can try – it does heavily depend on you using exactly the same format for the titles, though…


2 responses to “SQL is a VERY handy thing to know!”

  1. SQL, I only havo one word about that – arrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. There’s nothing wrong with SQL, Zeth! Just sometimes you have to get your head round it…

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