The Weekend

Time for the customary ‘The Weekend’ post! Quite an unusual one actually. Friday night, I went home and stayed with my parents overnight. Then I had lunch with them on Saturday, and headed back to Colchester. In the afternoon and evening I didn’t really do much! Just worked on the new look for this site a bit, and watched the odd episode of Family Guy!

Yesterday was the unusual day, in that it seemed a lot longer than it actually was because I did more than I would normally do on a Sunday! In the morning I went to church as usual. Then in the afternoon, I worked on my website for a bit before meeting Alex and Anne-Marie at the cinema to watch ‘Sky High’ (see below). Afterwards, I went to church again where I was playing the piano, and after that I went over to Alex’s and watched most of ‘The Princess Bride’ (I missed the first bit). So, quite a full day, good fun though!

Right, ‘Sky High’. It looked like it was going to be to superhero films what ‘Galaxy Quest’ was to Star Trek. I have to say I did enjoy it! I think it was more obvious than Galaxy Quest in places, and maybe didn’t have quite as strong a storyline (as in, they seemed to do a movie based on cliches and the ending was obvious from about half way through, in fact from the beginning if you’re cynical) but it was funny and worth a watch! You never know, I might even buy it when it comes down to buy one get one free on DVDs 😉


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