I swear I’m becoming a teenager again

It’s really weird. I’ve started to, like, you know, use the word “like” in my sentences. I don’t know why. It’s, like, really strange. I think it could be, you know, like, me wanting to avoid growing up. Like. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll, like, go soon…

4 thoughts on “I swear I’m becoming a teenager again

  1. It’s not that bad really, I’ve just noticed myself doing it a couple of times recently. Thought it might be amusing to put up though.

    Glad your blog is now working – how strange though! It looked like some kind of encryption to me, maybe it was just the blog fairies?

  2. Hmm, I never wanted to paint my room black… unlike some of my friends, I never went through a “goth” phase! To be honest Alex, I can’t imagine you as a goth either…

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