Interrogation Techniques

Just read a brilliant post on Scott Adams’ blog. Here’s a quote:

It occurred to me recently after having surgery for my deviated septum that lots of Al Qaeda members must need that same procedure. When Amnesty International finds out that we gave free medical care to prisoners, that won’t sound so bad. And yet I can tell you from my own experience that by the second day I would have given up the missile launch codes to make the pain stop. And if I didn’t know the codes I would be willing to torture someone who did until I got them.

So there we go! Add that to the list of ways to torture people that are legal, which currently stands at “playing them Celine Dion CDs”, “playing them hundreds of Des O’Connor records”, and “making them listen to Simon’s radio show on Hospital Radio Colchester” (kidding! just kidding! – it’s really very good)…


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  1. Hey! My radio show’s good! I keep thinking I ought to put one online so people can have a listen. I’m doing another one tonight, with live music, so maybe I’ll see if I can get that online!

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