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I forgot to mention this at the time, so I thought I’d mention it now. If you’re looking for a good all-round Media Player for Linux, check out Xine. I used to use Mplayer, but I found that it didn’t seem to like some DVDs and files: the DVD player didn’t support DVD menus, which caused a problem on some DVDs.

Anyway, I downloaded Xine a few weeks ago, and it seems to work fine! It supports DVD menus (which I was pleasantly surprised at, as Mplayer didn’t and Ogle was the only one I’d found before that did), and I haven’t had a problem with it playing DVDs. It also comes with a GUI, which Ogle and Mplayer don’t by default (you have to install it separately). So, yeah, check it out – it’s pretty decent!

You know, this is what I really like about Linux / Open-Source Software. It’s actually quite liberating… I don’t know, it just feels like with Windows you have to do things the Microsoft way. With Linux and OSS you can do it any way you want to. I particularly like WordPress and the way it has a large community of plugin developers, and if you want to you can just leap into the code and break it… (of course, with PHP it’s kind of difficult to have closed-source software, but at least if I modify WordPress I’m not breaking the law!).

In other news, my trip to Epping went well yesterday. I got the 8:15 train from Colchester, and was pleasantly surprised to be in Epping at around 9:30. It was good fun travelling out on a tube train that far (Epping is the last stop on the central line) – I enjoyed going through the countryside on a tube train! It’s just an unusual experience…

Don’t think I’ve got much else to say now. I’m going to try and get the new design for this site nearly done this evening, it’s getting there! – there are just quite a few templates to modify to the new design.


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