It’s upwards from here on!

Well, yesterday was the winter equinox — the shortest day of the year! It’s all upwards for the next six months: it should gradually start getting lighter and lighter! Although we still have to put up with January and February (February in particular being one of the most depressing months of the year), at least it shouldn’t be so dark all the time.

Although this won’t affect evenings for some time, hopefully the mornings will start getting lighter and lighter… that is one good thing about getting up at 7:00 AM for work – it’s just that time of day where you can see it getting lighter and lighter!

Anyway, that’s all for the time being. As you were…


4 responses to “It’s upwards from here on!”

  1. 7am?!?!? Lazy!

  2. When I wrote that I thought of you, Simon! I’m not going to get up any earlier than I have to, I’m definitely not a morning person…

  3. Lol! No – I’m not a morning person either, which is a bit of a problem working in London! But then again, I’m not an evening person either… In fact, I can only cope with a couple of hours or so either side of midday!

  4. Yeah, I know the feeling — I start to get tired about 10PM. Having said that, I probably wouldn’t get tired then if I didn’t get up so early in the morning!

    I don’t know how I managed when I was a student, going to bed late and being up for church the next day — even if you did have to send me a text message a couple of times!

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