The Long Weekend

What did I get up to this weekend then? Well. I didn’t do very much on Friday night – I was shattered after a week at work! It was a particularly busy week last week. Well, I don’t know, maybe not so busy but very tiring for some reason. Anyway. Saturday morning I just pottered around doing various bits and pieces, as well as watching Futurama and some of Family Guy season 4 (which arrived last week).

In the afternoon I went to Asda (woo!), and then met up with Philippa for dinner. We had a take-away from the Kismet Balti house on North Hill (very nice, large portions, and very reasonably priced), and then spent the evening in not doing a whole lot. Sunday morning we went to Fordham as per, and then afterwards headed round to Philippa’s (and Karen and Steve’s) to watch all three Lord of the Rings films – the extended editions. We started just after lunch at about 2:00 PM, and we eventually finished at about 2:15 AM (we did take breaks in between the films). I did enjoy the experience but I have to say – it’s not something I’d want to repeat very often! I’m very glad I had Monday to recover, although I still feel a bit tired…

Yesterday, after lunch Philippa and I went back to my place for a few odds and ends, and then we went for a walk, then back to Philippa’s / Steve & Karen’s for dinner. All in all, not a particularly eventful weekend!

Having seen Steve’s PVR setup, I’m thinking about getting something similar. I was going to build one a while back with Freevo (an open-source Linux PVR), but actually I think my old computer’s fan is so loud that it would detract from whatever it is that you’re trying to watch. Currently the things on my wish list include:

  • A surround sound system / hi-fi system for the living room. Having a surround sound system makes the DVD watching experience much better ๐Ÿ™‚ And I want something to listen to CDs without having to turn my computer on.
  • CD decks. CD decks look like they’re replacing vinyl gradually. It’s also a lot cheaper to buy an MP3 over the internet and then burn it to CD, vinyl costs a fortune in comparison.
  • A new mixer. Mine is beginning to show signs of aging, and it’s time to move on.

All these things I want… unfortunately no money at the moment! Ah well, such is life.

One thing I don’t want anymore is “Best Kept Secrets” by Lamb (which is a “best of” album, 1994-2004). I’ve got quite into their stuff recently, and wanted to buy the “Best of” so I wouldn’t have to buy all four of their individual albums. It’s on order from Amazon and should arrive tomorrow or Thursday. I shall post up a review in due course, but I’m looking forward to listening to it ๐Ÿ™‚


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