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Bit of a random post, this one… we went round to Alex’s this evening, and got talking about song parodies (amongst other things). I was reminded of one I wrote ages ago (well, a few months), but didn’t get round to posting up here. Possibly for fear of being sued for libel, but hey ho!

This song is dedicated to SX Express, the fast food outlet on campus at Essex University. SX Express (or “minging” as it was affectionately called by many of us), we love you.

[N.B. The original song is “Starlight Express” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I think there are two versions of this song, the new one has a few extra lines. This is a parody of the newer version]

When you just feel like you’re hungry
But you’re feeling too lazy
To make yourself a bite

And though you’re fighting against
The feeling you can’t pretend
Is going to stay away tonight

That is when you feel it coming
That is when you feel your stomach have that

Midnight crave, here again
Can’t explain that midnight crave
That midnight crave…

SX Express, you must confess
Is your food real or fake?
SX Express, answer me yes –
Did you cause my belly-ache?

When I get there so much choice
I can’t believe, I rejoice
And take a while to think

I want to take it away
And bring it back to my place
Without spilling the drink

I believe in them completely
Though I may be feeling queasy
From that midnight crave

Here again
Can’t explain that midnight crave
That midnight crave…


(… second half of Chorus)



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