The Weekend

So… it’s time for another “The Weekend” post! Yay!

*ahem* On Friday, Philippa and I went to see “Clerks 2” at the cinema. More on that story later. On Saturday, we went into Norwich to get a wedding present for the people Phil is being a bridesmaid for in a couple of weeks (their wedding list was with John Lewis, and as there isn’t a John Lewis in Colchester we went to the one in Norwich instead). In the evening, we went to the Crown in Ardleigh for a drink with Jon B and some friends as it was his birthday (actually, it was his birthday last week, but nevermind).

It was a good evening, although I would like to point out to anyone else that the Crown in Ardleigh is not actually in Ardleigh. It is, in fact, very close to the roundabout at the junction between the A12 and the Ipswich Road. Why they claim it’s in Ardleigh I don’t know, but there you go!

On Sunday morning, we went to Fordham. In the afternoon we didn’t really do very much, and in the evening we went into Wivenhoe to meet up with Alex, Elisa and Alison for a curry at the Bengal Spice. It was a very enjoyable meal – I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal there which I haven’t enjoyed, which is quite impressive really!

Anyway. There are a couple of short reviews I want to give here of things I have seen / listened to over the weekend.

Firstly, Clerks 2. I’m a fan of Kevin Smith, I’ll admit it. I have all his films (with the exception of Jersey Girl) on DVD. So that may have a bearing on what I’m about to say, but I’ll say it anyway: I loved this film. It was absolutely hilarious in places. Elias is a great character, and the scene with Randall’s take on the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a classic. The film is pretty crass in places, but that’s what you can expect from Kevin Smith really! The bottom line is, if you liked his previous stuff, you’ll like this. If you haven’t seen any of his previous stuff, I’d advise you to go and see it (particularly the original Clerks — you can see Clerks 2 without it, but you won’t get the whole picture unless you’ve seen the first one).

Secondly, “I Choose Noise”, the third album from Hybrid. I listened to this on the train on the way up to Norwich, and I have to say – I like it! Although (as per usual with Hybrid) some of the tracks will take a bit of getting into, once you have got into them it’s worth it. The production quality is excellent – I would expect nothing less of them! Once again – if you like Hybrid, you’ll love this. You might even like it if you’ve never heard any Hybrid before – check out some of the samples on your favourite CD buying website (if they have any).

And that concludes my essay on why I am not a salesman!


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