Colour Blindness

What does your website look to those who are colour blind? Have a look through the eyes of this website – it’s quite an eye opener! The reason I mention this is because I think accessibility is important to the modern WWW, and the more web designers that start embracing the Web Accessibility Initiative the better!

And to completely change the subject, I’ve listened to a few of the “Ape That Got Lucky” radio programmes on Radio 4 recently. It’s absolutely hilarious. I don’t know if they’re available as podcasts but you might be able to use the ‘listen again’ feature. The book titles were the best — I think my favourite one was “Here’s looking at Euclid – A study of geometry in Humphrey Bogart films”. A close runner up was “What are you looking at? Taking a sideways look at the history of the squint”.

All for now….


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