The Weekend, or how the Wasgij ruined my life

Last weekend, Matthew and Ellie gave us a “Wasgij”. This is basically a jigsaw, except that the picture you have to make is a “what happened next” of the picture on the front box. In our case, the front of the box had a picture on it with two secret agents about to be run over by a train. What we had to do was put the puzzle together to show what happened just afterwards, i.e. to show how the secret agents managed to escape. We’re nearly finished doing it (at least 3/4 of the way there)… the problem is that the things are so addictive! Seriously, we’ve both spent hours on this thing. So, thanks Matthew and Ellie for the hours of our lives that we won’t get back 😉 but seriously, it was great fun… if you like Jigsaws, then Wasgijs are quite an interesting twist on the idea.

Anyway. I think you can probably guess now what we spent most of the weekend doing! But I’ll run through some of the other stuff that we did. We spent a fair bit of Saturday in town doing various things, and also we did some work on the garden (I mowed the lawn using our new lawnmower, great fun!). In the evening we were tired so we watched a DVD, and then started the Wasgij (see above).

On Sunday morning we went to church. For the rest of the day we didn’t really do that much (again, see above).

Yesterday afternoon we went to B&Q, as we needed to buy a few things in order to decorate our bedroom. We bought a couple of tubs of paint, some paintbrushes and some rollers, and a steam paint stripper… I have to say, I am a little apprehensive as this is the first time that we’ve had to decorate a room for ourselves! But I’m sure that, with a little help and advice, it will go smoothly.

In the evening we picked up Alex, Karen and Steve and went to get Fish and Chips in Wivenhoe. It was a good evening! I also started assembling a BBQ my parents gave me for my birthday. So I suppose we’ll have to have a BBQ soon… yay!

And… that’s just about everything. Phew.


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