Carol Singers…

… “I don’t know who she is, but she really packs ’em in!”

So goes the old (cartoon) joke, where the above line is spoken looking at a poster outside a church for ‘Carol Singers’. I expect you can now guess what we were doing this weekend! On Friday evening we had a practice for the carol service on Sunday. Philippa was playing her clarinet in the music group, and we were both singing for one of the songs (properly, with like parts and everything!) I had one or two misgivings about singing the bass part (my voice doesn’t really go down that low) but with a bit of practice I just about managed to get there.

On Saturday we went into town to do a bit of shopping, and in the evening we drove over to Wivenhoe to meet up with Alex & Elisa and Dan & Alison. We went to Papas Fish & Chip shop for dinner (felt like we hadn’t been there for ages!) and then went to the Greyhound for a few drinks, a chat – and some darts! It was a really nice evening, now that Alex in particular is down in Kent it was good to be able to meet up and have a catch up.

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning for the Christingle service — I always worry a little that something or someone will catch fire from one of the candles, but mercifully there were no accidents! In the afternoon we went round to Jo’s flat for tea and mulled wine (Jo works at the university with Phil). Afterwards the three of us headed to Eight Ash Green for the carol service there. It seemed to go really well – everyone was quite cheerful at the end, and the music sounded good from where I was sitting at least (behind the musicians, unfortunately, in the choir stalls).

Afterwards we came back home and watched ‘Jersey Girl’ – the only Kevin Smith film at the moment which doesn’t have Jay and Silent Bob in it. I was actually very impressed with it – it wasn’t half as bad as all the reviews made out! I would recommend watching it even if you’re not a fan of Kevin Smith films. It was quite sentimental in places, but generally very good. Probably not ‘buy on DVD’ good (we recorded it on the Freeview box!) but well worth a watch.


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