Colchester Traffic

The traffic around Colchester during rush hour is getting ridiculous. Take this morning, for example.

Time it would take to drive to work without any traffic: 25 minutes
Time it took this morning: 1 hour (I set off at 7:45 and got in at 8:45).

I just find it really frustrating sitting in traffic, not doing anything – at least when you’re waiting for a train you can sit and read. And, of course, with all the new flats and houses they’re building in Colchester the situation can only get worse!

Ah, it’s being so cheerful that keeps you going…

I do believe that there are a couple of things they could do to improve the traffic situation a bit, mainly strategic placement of traffic lights. If they put some lights on a couple of roundabouts, I reckon it would help with traffic flow going from town out towards the A12 in the London direction. Or at least make it a bit fairer.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to get my bike license…

8 thoughts on “Colchester Traffic

  1. You know, I thought the traffic was particuarly bad this morning. Despite catching the slightly earlier bus which would usual kick me out at the station at about 8.40, this time I didn’t stumble into work until about 8.50. That’s ten minutes of my life on a bus when I could have been doing something more interesting like moaning about work first thing in the office. 🙂

  2. Yay, someone else noticed the bad traffic! 🙂

    Taking another ten minutes to get to the station is pretty bad given you’re only getting across Colchester – the A12 wasn’t quite so bad but was still worse than usual. Ah well.

    Where would we be if we didn’t have anything to moan about, eh?

  3. “Where would we be if we didn’t have anything to moan about, eh?”

    Ah, probably not at work. And talking about complaining, yes I am currently at work, which really shows how much we’re doing today if I’m making comments like this. Hmmm, wonder if I can update my blog from work?

  4. I don’t have that bad a trip… the park and ride is about 10 mins away down country lanes – so unless the main road is closed I get of lightly.

    Have a Ipod car adapter you can borrow if you want… 😉

  5. I didn’t notice the traffic, but that’s probably because I zoomed straight past it all!

    You will come around to the biker way…

  6. Has it occurred to you that it is you who causes the bad traffic, one person sitting in your car, taking up more space than you need? Get a bike or quit whining.

  7. I take it you’re a biker then, Sdapeze?

    I’m looking for other options in terms of transport, at my old job I used to train in (OK except for the delays…) but unfortunately since I started my new job in March there aren’t many other options.

    I think one of my co-workers lives nearby (still getting to know people here) so I am going to see if I can arrange to give him a lift or something.

    Any way you look at it the transport situation in Colchester is far from ideal, and I know “whining” about it doesn’t help, but it was at least cathartic for me. And it’s my blog, so my rules :p

  8. Do you have any staff forums – we have these and their used to arrange car sharing (though this works only to an extent – discovered someone in my office who lives 5 mins away and we’ve both been coming in by ourselves…). To be fair while I don’t enjoy driving in by myself at times I have to – we work shifts and if the person I car share with is on the lates and I’m on the earlys neither of us wants to hang around the office till the other is finished. Everyone should try and do their part and I’m sure Phill is doing his – doesn’t stop the traffic being bad though!

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