Oh, this is funny. The BNP have lost their membership list. When I say ‘lost’, I mean – it’s been leaked onto the internet. All 12,800 members now have their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses exposed.

Oh dear.

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I hope this is the end of the BNP – if you read through the Wikipedia entry you’ll see just how bad they are.

I’ve had a quick look through the list (can’t link to it here, but you will probably have luck on a certain website which deals with leaks which is similar in name to wikipedia.) There are a few names from Colchester down, including a couple of people who actually live in the same street we used to live in. Scary stuff. (Appropriate quote from Spaced: they’re not in the Jungle – they are the Jungle!)

It’d be interesting to do some data mining on the list to get some statistics, but I suspect that will probably be done by people other than myself so I’ll just look at their efforts once they’re done 😉 Quite what the BNP is doing storing their membership list in a freaking Excel spreadsheet I don’t know – I don’t think it was converted, it looks genuine: disorganised, not sorted properly…

Excel actually does (*gasp*) a pretty good job of handling the 13,000 rows as well. I’ve just tried it in OpenOffice and… actually, OpenOffice is pretty good as well (does take a while to load, but that’s probably because it has to convert from Excel to its own format).

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling! 🙂

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