Two things which made me think “EPIC WIN” (It’s kind of the opposite of “EPIC FAIL”, not sure whether it’s valid but still).

Firstly, Video Game Music Themes (sheet music). Check out the Mario themes – I’ve been playing the overworld theme from Mario 1 on the NES! I remember that from years ago, it’s burned into my memory. The only thing is, whenever I play it I feel like I should be doing sound effects on top of it. Sounds pretty good on piano too – although it’s quite difficult to play because, well, it’s not really designed for humans.

Secondly, the Random Band Name Generator. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but it is also brilliant. A few of my favourites: “Carol LaZonga and the Jerusalem Replicants”, “The Metaphysical Jugglers”, and “The Fish Coalition”. One day I will start a band, and name it “The Fish Coalition”. Oh yes.


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