Two Parties1 min read

It was half-term last week, so we had no 21 to go to! Phil was wedding dress shopping with her sister though, so I was left on my own. Fortunately, Alison had a birthday meal on Friday night so I was able to go to that 🙂 It was a really nice evening – we went to the Lemon Tree, and then the Hospital Arms. The dinner was lovely, and then I discovered at the Hospital Arms that they serve Bitburger (a beer which I first had visiting Andy C in Trier). They also had a Weizen beer which looked interesting but I didn’t get around to having any. Afterwards, as Alex was staying round, we stayed up light chatting about random things (ah, I’ve missed those crazy random chats from uni days!)

On Saturday, most of the morning was spent doing various catch up things (i.e. shopping). In the evening we went round to Phil and Jenny’s for Jenny’s birthday party (“we” being Phil, Alex, Phil P, Esther, and myself). It was a great evening – really good to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen in a while, including Steve and Karen and Chris and Louise, as well as the aforementioned Phil P and Esther.

So, two parties in one weekend, I’m such a party animal 😉

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then went out for lunch with the Reynolds, with a few other students who had been working on some sort of drama together (long story, don’t ask). And then we went to Sunday@6 in the evening! So… a full weekend. But we didn’t have to cook once, not bad going!

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