Last 21 and Laura and Pete’s Wedding2 min read

It’s been a bit of a busy old weekend once again! On Friday night we had our last ever 21. (Well, the last for the foreseeable future at least). It was a social, we just played games and had some food… in general it was a good evening! We’ll definitely miss all the 21ers, although I will enjoy having my Friday evenings back. Also, I don’t think either Phil or I really feel like youth work is our forte, we both find it quite stressful (well… not really stressful, but it’s not easy for us) so it will be good for a while not to have to worry about it.

Anyway. After 21 we headed down to the pub with AJ and Jen and Lawrence and had a nice chat with them!

On the Saturday we basically spent the entire day at Laura and Pete’s wedding. The wedding itself was great! Mike led really well, and I think Christopher Ash gave a fantastic address. The music went well too – I was playing guitar, and Phil was playing clarinet. Despite the fact that we didn’t have much time to rehearse, they were all fairly well-known songs and the congregation knew them so we didn’t have any problems 🙂

The reception went well too, we had some time to catch up with James and Tash and also had a nice chat with some of the other people on our table. The barn dance in the evening was good too although I didn’t do much dancing – they took a fair old while to get themselves set up, and that didn’t really leave loads of time for dancing.

After Laura and Pete left it was time to clear up: because the wedding and reception had all been at Fordham, it was down to a team of volunteers (which Phil was organising) to clear up. It didn’t take all that long actually, by the end of it you wouldn’t have known there was a wedding reception there!

We were a little bit disappointed with the caterers though. Although the food was good, they didn’t exactly leave the kitchen in a brilliant state (there was some plastic stuff burnt onto one of the hobs which had to be scraped off). And it generally wasn’t quite as clean as you would expect. Also, they refused to wash up any glasses that weren’t theirs (some had been hired from Sainsbury’s). They also didn’t dispose of any of the bottles (which they had sold), leaving them all for the venue to clear up. Now, I can understand the not washing up thing, but the other two things particularly I was a bit disappointed with. (Apparently they also asked for all the money up front, which I think is unusual). I don’t know the name of the company but if you’re having a wedding in the Colchester area and want to know how to maybe avoid, leave a comment and I will find out.

So, after all the clearing up we finally got home at about 12:45AM. We were up again bright and early for the morning service the next day, stopping off on the way to drop off the champagne bottles at the bottle bank. After the service we came back home for lunch and just crashed out a bit for the afternoon! Then went out again for Sunday@6, then back home to watch Top Gear and do some ironing.

All in all, despite it being a busy weekend it was a good weekend. And we’ve got much less to do this week! That’s about it from me for now…

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