Autumn is the new summer1 min read

…given some of the temperatures we’ve had recently! That said, the last few days have been getting down to the kind of temperatures one would expect at this time of year. I’m not complaining, anyhow!

Just thought I’d make another post to update with my progress. We are nearly done with the first term here at Oak Hill, next week is the last week of lectures and then we have revision and exam week after that. Next Tuesday is the deadline day for assignments, so in the latter part of this week I think I’m going to be doing a fair amount of polishing and generally making my assignments ready for submission! I’ve got the word count for most of them, so it’s just a matter of actually checking they’re as good as I can make them.

Anyway, that’s how life at Oak Hill is going so far. I’m still enjoying it!

Apart from that we haven’t done much since half term – just the usual work and what have you. On Friday night there was a fireworks night at Oak Hill, Charli (who we know from Colchester) came along, and we all really enjoyed it. On Saturday we went to John and Liz’s for dinner (college friends), and had a nice time there. We ended up discussing “strategic” churches, and how the word strategic can be a pretty negative one in that context! Well, I suppose if you get a bunch of theological college students together you will end up talking about Christian things…

Right, I think that’s pretty much it for the time being. I’d better go and do some work. All for now.

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