The New Term… and the waiting game

As I think I mentioned last time, term started at Oak Hill last week. The first three days were spent doing various intro events, meeting lots of people and generally being busy! As of tomorrow evening we will have completed one full week of lectures.

This term I am studying the Doctrine of God; General Epistles (1 Peter and Hebrews in Greek); Christian Spirituality; and Wisdom Literature. I’m also auditing Pastoral Counselling (six hours a week, quite a commitment, but worth it I think).

In general, it’s shaping up to be a great year in terms of teaching. There are a few modules which I wanted to do this year but didn’t have the space to do, but you can’t do everything.

The baby is due on Sunday – any day now. It’s strange to think that our lives will look very different within the next couple of weeks! We’ve got the hospital bags packed, we’ve got everything we needed to pre-birth… it’s just a matter of waiting now to see what happens. And in the meantime, I’ve got plenty of college work to be going on with.

Oh, and there’s a final special episode of the IT Crowd on Friday, plus a few other bits and pieces we like (I won’t admit that I like the Great British Bake-Off…) So, you know, priorities and all that.


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