Out, Damned Spot!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my mole. Well, I finally had the procedure on Monday. I went into the hospital, lay down on the bed, and the doctor cut into me and removed the mole – under a local anaesthetic. It was technically a ‘skin excision biopsy’, the biopsy part being because they’re going to test what it actually was and let me know the results (hopefully it’s nothing to worry about, although I see no reason why it would be).

One of the bizarre moments of my life was when I was lying on the table: we chatted a bit, and when the doctor found out that I was a theology student he asked me what I thought about gay marriage! So we got into a bit of a discussion about gay marriage while he was still putting in stitches. Still, they were friendly and he did a good job, so I’m not complaining!

For the first 48 hours afterwards I had to walk around with a great big bandage path on the top right hand side of my head, which was somewhat annoying. I got some strange looks trying to buy a pint of milk down at the local with that on… I took to wearing a hat which disguised it somewhat. (You could say I went through a brief hat phase).

This morning the bandage came off, which leaves the stitches exposed. I’m not sure which is worse actually, having stitches exposed or a great big bandage. I’ve had some strange looks either way, not that I’ve been out much but still!

At least the pain has subsided now – now it just feels irritating rather than painful. The skin feels tight, which I guess is natural given that they have actually removed some. Hopefully that will fade soon. The stitches come out on Monday, which will probably help.

So, there you have it. I like to keep my loyal blog readers informed of my health, just because… well, just because!


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