Satan’s field day – Podcast 95


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  1. John William Corcoran avatar
    John William Corcoran

    The discussion with Professor Norman Fenton is of the utmost importance. It seems that a poor defence and simplistic prosecution could well have caused a miscarriage of justice. This needs investigation. The polymath lawyer who was interviewed by Professor Fenton gave clear evidence why the verdict was unsound.
    Thanks for posting this link. It looks as if the media have had a speculative field day because of somewhat flawed prosecutorial examination. Why does it appear that nobody else in the media have looked into this? It is disturbing to say the least..

    1. Thank you John. One of the most disturbing aspects of this is, as you say, how quickly the media seem to turn on this woman without examination. It’s deeply troubling to me that they seem so ready to unleash the hounds. And although it is probably the most high-profile example of the moment, it is far from the only example.

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