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Apologies for a very cheesy title to this post, but it’s actually quite an accurate description of the weekend. No, seriously.

On Friday morning I left home at the usual time, except this time I wasn’t going to work (in retrospect I kind of wish I was now, but still). Phil dropped me off at Fordham, from where I was able to get a lift in the minibus with James and Mike up to Sheffield. That’s right, we were doing what’s known in conservative evangelical circles as a “Mission”, where a group of Christians try to indoctrinate convert people.

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We got to Sheffield in time for lunch, where we had time to meet the team and organise ourselves for the afternoon. The afternoon was mainly spent doing door-to-door work, and we had some quite good responses. I went out with somebody who has a lot of experience doing door-to-door work, but it still didn’t make it any easier – it’s actually quite tough to cold call like that. Still, most people didn’t mind and some even seemed to quite appreciate the effort, so it was a lot better than I thought it would be!

Afterwards we all came back for tea, before going out for the evening’s event: Ice Skating with the young people. Only James and I were going from the Fordham team – the idea was that afterwards James would do a short talk and I would give my testimony. I hadn’t been Ice Skating before, so I was a bit apprehensive. Suffice it to say that the apprehension was fully justified: a girl stepped out in front of me, and in trying to avoid her I somehow managed to fall over flat on my face and chip one of my front teeth. D’oh! It didn’t hurt that much though, and despite having a slight lisp (and looking like an extra from the X-Files) the rest of the evening went ahead as planned. I doubt I’ll be going Ice Skating again though, not in the near future at least! Learning to Ice Skate on a Friday night when the rink was absolutely packed out is probably not such a good idea.

On Saturday, we did door to door work in the morning again, and got a few more positive responses. In the afternoon we had “It’s a Knock Out” a family games / races tournament, which was very well attended and enjoyed by everybody. Then in the evening we had a break – I went back with my hosts (who were also hosting Roy and Janette) and we spent a pleasant evening chatting.

On Sunday I helped out with the kids group in the morning, and then after the service spent a while “jamming” with some of the other musicians from the church and from Fordham. It was really cool – they have a drummer there, which we don’t have at Fordham, and I think a lot of the newer songs really need a drummer as they were written with that sort of music group in mind. It’s not that I don’t like the music at Fordham – it’s excellent – but sometimes it would be nice to have a different style: Fordham has an ensemble with an oboe, clarinet, flute etc… classical instruments. I’d occasionally like to have a drummer, guitarist, etc – your standard fare in a lot of churches.

After lunch I headed back home on the train, which cost an absurd amount of money (over £70 for an off peak single to Colchester from Sheffield). The mission actually went on until this morning, but I needed to get back to see the dentist about my tooth!

Speaking of which, I went to see the dentist this morning (for the first time with this particular dentist – I haven’t been to a dentist’s for five years…) It was fairly typical of a dentist: you go in with one problem, you come out with five! Apparently I need various bits of work doing to my teeth. She also strongly recommended to me that I have my wisdom teeth out – apparently they are ‘highly impacted’, which means that if I leave it for too long they will cause serious problems. Having my wisdom teeth out would be a preventative measure. Anyway, I’m going back in tomorrow to have my broken tooth fixed, and I don’t know when the other work will be done.

All in all, what with the train ticket and the dentists, this has turned out to be a rather expensive weekend! Still, as they say, these things do happen…

There is one thing left to say though, on a more positive note: I watched “Forest of the Dead” yesterday, the conclusion of the Doctor Who two-parter by Steven Moffat. How good was that episode? I said last week that I thought this episode would be better than the first one, and I was right 🙂 (Well, it makes a change, doesn’t it?) I’m really looking forward to the next series of DW, under the leadership of Steven Moffat – he really seems to have the knack of writing a powerful script which doesn’t disappoint the fans as well as being cracking good stories. I hope that script editing for a whole series won’t dilute the genius too much, but even if it does at least we have the episodes he’s written so far to go back to!

*phew*… sorry that was such a long post. I promise next time it won’t be such a self-pitying whine! Well, not so much of a self-pitying whine. Well, alright, will contain just a little bit less of a self-pitying whine. But not much less. What’s that, you say you don’t want to read my self-pitying whines?

I should demand your money back :p

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