The Sixth Day

Even I’m getting bored of numbering the days now. Oh well… I didn’t get up to much today. Went in for the CU Committee meeting at 11:00AM. I can’t BELIEVE they chose to have committee in the morning! Honestly, what with Friday being my day off this term, I have to go in for committee early morning! Early for me, at least… means I have to be up by 9 – 9:30ish. I don’t know how I’m going to survive when I get a job. Oh well.

Anyway, then I waited for a group project meeting to which none of the group members arrived, except for one which I say on my way into town. Oh well.

Then I went into town, got my hair cut (exciting!), bought a new pair of trainers, and a couple of records:

  • Chicane – Love on the Run [Warner Music]
    Including the Rob Searle and Chicane mixes. This is actually quite a nice tune, although for Chicane it’s a tad pop-friendly. Don’t think it’s that bad though.

  • Hiver & Hammer – 5 Million Miles [ID&T]
    Nice tune from H+H, they’ve been churning out some decent stuff recently! I’m quite impressed with this one.

  • Chakra – Love Shines Through [Warner Music / Codeblue]
    Another tune from a few years ago… I liked it then, it’s probably not quite as good now but for 1.99 from Oxfam you can’t really complain!

Anyway, out to cheesy tunes tonight… oh the fun. Woo-hoo! Etc. Hope they’ll play some cheesy tonight as opposed to r’n’b… there’s nothing wrong with rnb, only that I don’t really like several hours of it…

Oh well. See you next time.

Links: Phill’s Vinyl Collection


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