Very Strange

I just glanced at my blog from the university computers… apparently, the last post I made was last Sunday. However, I’ve just checked Blogger and I’ve definitely made posts since then. Perhaps it just didn’t update… I don’t know.

Still. Yesterday, I went onto campus for my 12:00 Computer Vision class. That was pretty useless really… the only thing I wrote down was the guy’s email address in case I wanted to ask any questions about the assignment. Seeing as I’ve already done a fair part of the assignment (well, the coding at least) then there’s not much I need in that respect. Anyway. Then I went home. Philippa came round in the evening to help Alex dye his hair red, so we had dinner, dyed Alex’s hair and headed onto campus for Cheesy Tunes.

And that was it. Today I went onto campus for my radio show at 2:00, and then headed to a lab to do some work. I’ve got a few statistics and things downloaded (it’s the last assignment for information retrieval and visualisation — woo-hoo!!!) and I’ll probably get some work done on that later and tomorrow.

At 5 I’m going to make like a guillotine and head off in the direction of Philippa’s place, and then we’re going to head into town for the Fordham 18-30s group social. They’re meeting at Pizza Hut for a meal, that should be good. Unfortunately I think most of the student regulars are away this week, but still — pizza is always good 🙂

It’s Phil B’s baptism tomorrow, so I’m going to go up to Norwich to see him. Liz is coming up so I should be able to get a lift with her. It’s just a shame because there’s a student lunch tomorrow at Fordham which quite a lot of people are going to. Oh well, c’est la vie I guess!

All for now.


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