Today was a good day. I went onto campus for my committee meeting at 12:00 today. That actually went very quickly — we’d completely finished by about 1:20, which is very unusual these days. It usually takes at least another half hour! At 1:30 I met Philippa in square 3, and we got the bus into town. We went to the cinema to see “Love Actually”, and then to Yates for dinner, then back onto campus for “washing up” (the CU’s current evangelistic effort) and then home.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good day! “Love Actually” was pretty good. Some of the bits were fantastic, and the way it all worked together was quite good. In terms of how all the storylines worked together it reminded me a little bit of League of Gentlemen Series 3, although the sense of humour was totally different. It was a shame that Rowan Atkinson didn’t have a bigger part! Still, I think the storyline with Tim from “The Office” was really good — very funny! And generally a good film, a nice way of spending the afternoon 🙂

Right then. That’s all for now…


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