Continuining in the vein of exciting titles

Actually, that was probably the most exciting ‘title’ I’ve had all week. Anyway. Yesterday, after doing my assignment I went to my lab (which wasn’t particularly exciting) and then went home. Alex made us a chicken Korma (which was very nice, actually) and we hired a couple of videos from the store: Bulletproof Monk, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Both of them were pretty good; I’ve seen 2F2F before but Bulletproof Monk was alright too. Not the strongest storyline I’ve ever seen, but as with most of these movies the storylines tend to be just devices to show off fancy kung-fu moves. Or something.

Anyway. Then, this morning I got up, uh… didn’t do much… came in for my radio show at 2:00, then down here to a computer lab to finish off my Computer Vision assignment. I’ve just printed it out… 25 pages worth! That’s a lot. About 5,500 words in total (half of those pages were computer code, and the rest contained a few diagrams and screenshots here and there). I don’t think I’m going to get very high marks for it, but hey… at least it’s done now, and I can focus on my final year project for the last week of term. Finishing assignments is a very good feeling!

After this, I’m going to meet Philippa, then have dinner, then go round to Andy C, Richard and Sheri’s place for a bonfire apparently. It’s Richard’s birthday on Monday, so they’re having a kind of party this evening. It should be good fun, although I don’t think I’m going to stay for a particularly long time — I’ve got to be up for Church tomorrow!

Right. Time for the off. See you later, my friends. Or enemies. Why enemies of mine would want to read my blog I don’t know. Why friends would want to read it I also don’t know, unless of course they want to know what I really think about you (I hate you all, by the way). In fact, why anyone should want to read this is a total mystery, given that it’s incredibly boring and full of random paragraphs like this where I just go off on one about something. Still, at least it keeps me happy. Reading through the archives is always quite interesting…


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