Friday and Saturday

Well, Friday and half of Saturday. Yesterday, I went onto campus for my 11:00 lecture. Then did some work for a couple of hours. Then went to my 2:00 lecture. Then did some more work for an hour. Then went onto Philippa’s, had dinner, watched some TV, stayed there the night, went for a walk this morning around the fields around Avon Way (very nice, actually) and came onto campus to do my radio show.

Oh, and this evening I might be going to Andy C and Rich’s place for a bonfire type thingy.

Um, that’s just about it for the moment! Except — over the summer, I mentioned a short story type thing that I was writing. I might see about getting that online sometime soon; I haven’t done anything to it in ages, but it’s actually more complete than I first thought on reading it through again. Plus, I’ve had another idea for a short story which I think I’m going to pursue…


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