The Weekend

It was good! I got the train to Colchester on Friday afternoon, and got there at about 4:00. I met Philippa after she finished work at 5, we went for dinner and then went back home. On Friday evening, PhilB and Jenny came round so we had a good random evening!

On Saturday, we went to PhilB’s in the morning for a bit, and then onto campus for the CU day (well, more like a couple of hours in the afternoon). It was a good time, although I’m not actually part of the CU anymore so it did feel a bit weird (although I’m starting to get used to the idea of not being a student anymore, it’s still not totally finished being weird yet…)

Anyway. After the CU afternoon, quite a few of us went to the bar for dinner and ended up having a long and involved theological discussion. I went home (well, to Philippa’s where I was staying), and we watched ‘Happy Gilmore’ and ‘Bill Bailey Live’. Both are fantastic 🙂

On Sunday, we went to the chaplaincy service, then went to lunch at Tesco with Esther and Anne-Marie, then onto bag carrying in the afternoon, then out to Wivenhoe! And we watched ‘Shrek 2’. And I’ve just arrived back home (well, about half an hour ago).

So that was the edited highlights of my weekend! I’ll update again … uh… when anything happens (that could be some time…) I’ve got a family party to go to this weekend, Philippa is coming to, which should be good. Although I don’t know many people in my family well (having moved out of London where many of my family are or were based when I was eight), it should be quite an enjoyable evening! It will be a busy day though, as I’ve got Fresher’s Fair before then. Ah well.

Over and out for now.


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